The process by which people create web sites is called web design.  After creating this web pages, designers display them on the  world wide web or www. 


 The internet has become a very popular tool for everyone around the world.  Everyone is turning to the internet when it comes to all aspect of life including education business and also socializing.


 Web design has therefore become one of the lucrative courses to study as more people seek to become designers    We shall therefore discuss briefly what website design is about and why it is important in this modern world.


 First, most businesses have adopted digital technologies and therefore have to create web-pages where clients can reach them. This is where Ontario Web Designer will come in to create a website design suitable for the particular business. Business owners will therefore look for a web designer to create a suitable website design for their business.


 When designing a website, one will need to first figure out the target audience of the page.  A  website design for children will differ greatly from that one intended for teenagers and the elderly for example.


 Another important aspect to consider is the function for the website hen designing.  One should see the differences for example in a  web page that is advertising a school to that one being used to promote a music concert.


 Oshawa Web Designer are guided by three important elements  which include color, layout and overall graphical appearance.  These three elements are in turn influenced by the purpose of the site and the target audience.  One can see that the colors used one children's website for example will vary from those on a government website.


  The layout of the web page will also speak volumes especially for the target audience.  The purpose of the web page designs dictates how serious or relaxed the layout for the page will be.


 One should be able to effectively use the overall graphical appearance of the web design to market the business.


Accessibility is a term often used when I comes to web design among others. This basically means that the website can be used by people living with disabilities including the visually and hearing impaired.


  Customers visit to a particular website are minimal especially if there is low accessibility in the web design.


 The fastest, easiest and widely use marketing tool today is the websites.  If you want to be able to lure new customers and also promote your business online, then it is good to have a good website design.



   Website design has fast taken over the old traditional methods of marketing a business and one cannot simply ignore that. It is time to move with technology or be isolated. Make up your mind before it is too late.

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